One Spark Electrical Company

Some aspects of home maintenance are easy to DIY: many clogged toilet situations can be cleared easily with a plunger. Other things are less simple: an outlet installation requires a specific set of tools and a specific range of knowledge. When you’re dealing with electrical issues, don’t DIY. Instead, call Edgemere Licensed Electrician. Our crew of professionals is always ready to go, even in the middle of the night. So from simple installation jobs to emergency power restoration, you can count on us, always.

Work Hours

Never closed, always open — always happy to help.

Service Area

Our electrical shop is stationed in Far Rockaway, assisting everyone in need of quality service living in the county of Kings


415 Beach 43rd St, Far Rockaway, NY 11691

Our Services

Not sure whether you need a single circuit breaker replacement or an entire electrical panel upgrade? We’ll figure it out for you and get the job done right. Got a ceiling lamp that won’t work, even after you’ve changed the bulb? We do light fixture repair. We also repair light switches, if that turns out to be the problem. Maybe the electrical wiring is the problem — we can repair that, too. Questions? Just call.